Why Landscaping Fabric Is Bad For Your Garden

6 Sep

Landscaping Fabric

When you put landscaping fabric on it means your soil doesn’t get to eat anymore. Soil is replenished in nature and in our gardens when leaves fall in autumn and since many of our gardens are low in organic matter anyway it also happens when we intentionally bring in more leaves straw compost and other organic matter to improve the soil. Putting landscaping fabric in the garden stops all of this and slowly kills the fertility and structure of the soil and everything living in it Landscaping Fabric. Soil needs to be consistently replenished with organic matter so any of the mulch types we choose have to be composed of organic matter. The cheap stuff doesn’t work very well but thicker fabric can work for awhile before weeds start to find their way through the cracks or just start on top of the mulch.

Landscaping Fabric

Landscaping Fabric

But the biggest problem with this fabric is that it doesn’t allow organic matter to recycle into the soil. The only potential use is on pathways since we are compacting them anyway and not trying to increase the organic matter Landscaping Fabric. Why Mulch Your Garden With Organic Matter? Weeds.

It doesn’t take long for the landscape to show signs of suffering in this case. This is definitely not the best mulch for organic gardening purposes. Unfortunately that thick landscaping fabric can also stop water from getting down to the soil especially on a slope where the water just slides down the fabric to the bottom. We have other organic gardening. A continuous thick dense layer of 2″-4″ of one of the best mulch types is one of my favorite ways to control weeds because not only does it smother most of them out it makes the ones that do find their way through so much easier to pull especially if you have been clever enough to regularly hit the garden (and the mulch) with some water.

Landscaping Fabric

Landscaping fabric is considered part of our mulch because it is often placed on the soil under various mulch types in order to help control weeds. But we need to look elsewhere for the best mulch.

Landscaping Fabric

Landscaping Fabric

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